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No Place Like Home

My parents built their house in 1976 and they still live in it today. I always felt safe in my home. I remember conversations with my parents (my dad specifically) where they told me that no matter what happened or how much trouble I thought I was in, I could always call them, and they would come get me and take me home. Those words really stuck with me. It showed me that my parents cared more about me than my obedience or perfection. I didn’t really get into any of those situations in my teen years, but just knowing I had a safe place waiting for me was reassuring. 

When I went to college, I was only a little over an hour away from my childhood home, and I went there when I needed to do things like laundry, or get my oil changed, but also when my soul needed to be recharged.  If I was down or overwhelmed or sick, I had respite because I knew the love, safety, and encouragement that I needed was inside those walls. 

My first job took me four states and eight hours away. I made some choices in my 3 years there that were not in my best interest, and I was on a path that was not leading to much good. At 26 years old, I called my mom and asked if I could move home until I got things figured out. Her response was, “we were hoping you would ask.”

Isn’t that just what our Heavenly Father wants us to do? We all don’t have the same earthly home experiences, but as followers of Christ, we all have the greatest home in Heaven and in God. He is called our refuge many times in scripture. The word refuge shows up more than 40 times in the Bible. My friends, we all know that when God wants us to know something down in our core, he repeats it. In Psalm 90:1 Moses says, “You have been our refuge in every generation.” The Hebrew word used here for refuge is maon, which translates to an abode (home), dwelling place, or a place to retreat. HE is our home, and isn’t that the most amazing comfort?

Speaking of comforts of home, there are times when a home cooked meal at the family dinner table is good for the heart. Even better for our hearts, is the table our Heavenly Father “sets for us in the presence of our enemies.” When we are scared, when we are surrounded, when we feel overwhelmed, or unloved, He is there faithfully providing us the substance we need to endure whatever we are going through. He is there to wipe away every tear, and put an end to death, grief, and pain. The Lord is our greatest home. I pray that you all live in the serenity of knowing that you always have a home in Him when you are in need. 

Jamie Wolfe

Jamie is a wife, mother of 2 busy guys (Colby and Colin), and a high school English teacher. The Lord has been leading and growing her in so many ways that she can’t help but want to share that with others. She has a heart for people, and wants each person to know how loved and cherished they are by our Creator. She hopes to instill that in others by encouraging and loving them in a way that reflects the light of Christ.

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