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Tanya Glanzman

I long to see every woman walk in the fullness of all the Lord has for them.

Tanya is the founder of My Father's Daughter and is an author and sought after speaker, traveling all over the country to share at events, conferences, and retreats. Her contagious laugh, outrageous humor, and ability to recall scripture at length makes her so relatable and so inspiring. Her story of victory through the love of Jesus and her journey to becoming an overcomer is empowering and uplifting. You'll walk away from an encounter with Tanya loving Jesus more! Tanya joined The Pretty & Wise Collective at the end of 2022 after joining us for our first conference as the guest speaker. She fit with our team of women so perfectly and has been a constant source of joy and love to us!

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A Little About Me...

Tanya Glanzman is a Daughter of the King.  Tanya's heart is that every daughter of God would come to understand the truth that He longs to be the redeemer and restorer of their lives and that no matter what they have experienced, through His love, truth and healing, they can become the person He has created them to be and live the life He has intended them to live.  She loves to offer hope and encouragement wrapped up in grace-filled truth through speaking and writing. 

As a survivor and overcomer, Tanya longs to see every woman walk in the fullness of all the Lord has for them, experience the abundant life Jesus died to give them and to know the unfathomable love their heavenly Father desires to express to them in and through relationship with Him. 

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