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Help My Unbelief

Mark 9:24

The father instantly cries out, “I do believe, but help me overcome my unbelief."

This scripture has always spoken very powerfully to my head and heart. To me that simple statement has been a statement of freedom, correction, and hope.

Let’s start with freedom. I grew up mostly in the church. My parents got saved when I was a kid and we quickly began going to a very charismatic local church. The pastor often spoke on faith during service. The subject of faith was very intriguing to me even as a young child and it has stuck to this day. The idea of having such a powerful tool at my disposal and it only needing to be a size of a mustard seed was mind-blowing to me. But I digress...

Faith is a choice to believe God’s word regardless of opposing statements or contrary circumstances and align your thoughts, words, and actions according to that belief.

To me faith=trust.

This has been my definition of faith through all these years.

Have you ever been told or heard of someone say ‘well you must not have had enough faith’, or ‘If their faith was only stronger maybe...’? (Squirrel) I am so sorry if anyone has ever said that to you and I ask your forgiveness on their behalf. Truly.

The first reason why Mark 9:24 speaks so powerfully to me is because that simple statement brings freedom. Jesus said if we only have the faith of a mustard seed we could move mountains in Luke 17:6. Yet the father in this scripture said, ‘you know Jesus, I might not even have enough faith, and still I believe You are big enough and good enough to cover for my lack’ (Alex paraphrase)

Sometimes, we just do not have enough in us to believe. Sometimes we have doubt whether we realize it or not. Sometimes doubt is more noticeable or less noticeable to us. Either way this scripture tells me that I don’t always have to have it together. It’s ok for me to just go to Jesus and say I need help believing for what I need from you. The father did not come with anything more than hope, and yet the father made a choice to align his thoughts, words and actions to Jesus the best that he knew how.

It brings freedom, because no matter where I am at on my faith walk I have permission to go to Jesus and say I need help believing. It takes the weight off of my shoulders (where it never should be to begin with) and places it back on Jesus. (Matt 11:28-30)

Correction, hmm, this one is a little bit of an uncomfortable and touchy subject...

I mentioned a little earlier that many of us have either been the person to be told ‘that our faith must not be good enough’ or know someone that was spoken to. I really did mean it when I asked for forgiveness on behave of anyone who has ever said that to you. This is by no means that. Instead, it is a personal conversation with you and Holy Spirit. Let me explain.

A while back I was believing God for something big. I don’t recall if it was something spiritual or healing or financial. I don’t think it really matters and that’s not the point I am speaking to now anyways. I have always prided myself on being able to trust God in seemingly tough circumstances. Some call that optimism, some call it naive, and others would say I was just young. I whole heartedly believed that I had the faith I needed for any and all situations I faced and I would sometimes get frustrated with people who did not believe like I did. HA! Because I had it all figured out. (Insert eye rolls here)

I remember one morning being frustrated that what I was praying and believing for had not yet come to pass and I felt a nudge from the Holy Spirit.

Hey, I want to help will you let me? Insert Mark 9:24 I do believe, help me overcome my unbelief.

I instantly felt so convicted that I had allowed pride to infiltrate my faith and my trust in God! Pride that I somehow had superior faith than those around me, pride that I could do and believe for it all, pride that I was somehow immune to unbelief, and worst of all pride that I know longer needed my Saviors help. That pride moved me from trusting in God to trusting in myself.

Well let me tell you, it did not take long for me to repent and ask and receive forgiveness. Now, you will regularly hear me say in my prayers both personally and corporately, “Lord, I believe help my unbelief.”

You see I no longer have that insecurity. The pride has been broken off and I am set free. I no longer feel the need to prove to those around me that my faith and trust in God is all that and a bag of chips. I don’t need people to see, or think or hear that my faith is one thing or another. I will fail at some point, I am human. I have doubt sometimes and that’s ok. I was never meant to have all the answers. But my God, my Jesus wants to meet me, meet us, meet you, right where we are. I never want to question whether I believed enough or was completely doubt-less. And because of Jesus I don’t have to!

That’s where hope comes in. Regardless of the situation or circumstances if I am praying God’s will over my family, my health, my relationships, my finances I can believe and trust that I don’t have to be enough because my Jesus is enough. I just simply have to surrender my unbelief and fear to Him and let Him take the load.

What is it that you are wanting to believe God for sis?

It could be something immediate or long term. What are you asking God for? What are the desires of your heart? Is it direction or healing? Restoration? Family?

You can trust Him. He really does want to hear your heart. Lean in sis. Lord, we trust you, help us overcome our unbelief.

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