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Ready Yourself

Man, seasons of transition can be so difficult, right?

It's like our bodies can pick up physically what is so uncomfortable and stretching in the spiritual. Even as I type this, even after weeks of working through this discomfort of transition, I still have this ball of tension in my stomach. 

I'm feeling a little stuck, if I'm honest. I've been sitting with the Lord here lately, working through a lot of feelings. And He is so tender and patient and full of mercy as He even reveals things to me I hadn't even realized. 

But I just can't seem to ready myself to move. 

I don't know what your transition looks like, or what you feel stuck in today, but here's something my husband and I are praying over: after almost four years of homeschooling and 7 years of me not working out of the home and staying home with my babies, the Lord may have us send them to school, public or private. All four will be school age and as silly as it may sound, I have spent my entire adult life home in some capacity with these kiddos. And I am really struggling with moving on. 

I have a lot of questions and they're not even necessarily about my children: Was I faithful in this season home with them? Did I prepare them well enough? What about me? What will this next season look like for me? What will it require of me? 

I'm comfortable here. 

But am I really? 

Because I think when God is preparing to transition us, He gifts us with the vision to notice that suddenly, things have changed. There's been a shift. And it doesn't feel wrong, but it does feel more difficult. It feels like more effort is being exerted in order to maintain the status quo. 

So are we willing to posture ourselves in one of humility and surrender to the Lord? 

Are we willing to lay down this season that is familiar and comfortable and what we know for the unknown?

Do we trust that Jesus knows what lies ahead of us and it is for our good?

Do we believe that He is faithful to prepare and equip us for wherever He is sending us? 

Whatever it is that you're transitioning into or out of, sweet sister, you can believe right here and right now that Jesus sees all of the thoughts and questions and protests that run through your mind. In fact, He may reveal them to you Himself. 

So let's start here. 

What are you afraid of? Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you what it is that has you hesitant to move forward. And after you have identified and worked through this fear with the Lord, release it to Him. Lay it at His feet. Where you're going, this fear can't come. 

What are you grateful for? Recount how Jesus has been so incredibly and impossibly good in this season, because no matter what it looks like circumstantially, He is and always was the good in it. Bless His precious and glorious name. Pour out thanksgiving before Him! 

Is there anything you need to release? Could it be that in order for you to receive what He wants to give you, you need to lay something down first? Ask Him and be obedient to release your grip on what may be good but is not His best

And now, my pretty and wise friend, don't look back. 

No matter how different and scary and demanding the road ahead of you may appear, do not let your gaze turn back to the old season. 

Do not long for the old when what Jesus has for you is the new thing He is doing.

Do not falter and do not grow weary, sweet friend. 

Do not turn back. 

Where you're going is not back there. 

What He has for you is not back there. 

It is forward. 

Press on. 

Lean in. 

I know that what Jesus has in store for us through this transition is worth trading in whatever we hold dear. May we have eyes to see every bit of good that lies ahead. And may we see in brand new ways that He is good and able and worthy and how ridiculously lavish His love for us is. 

His desire for you is good.

His plans for you are good. 

He is good. 

I can't wait to hear about all of the good this new, unknown and unfathomable season holds for you. 

Above all, I can't wait to hear about how you see Jesus in it and through it. 

King Jesus, ready us. Ready our hearts. Our desire is You. Where You are, we want to be. May we follow You all our days, Lord. Amen. 

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