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Olivia Caldwell

I'm passionate about coming alongside other women, in their walks as wife, mother and disciple, to testify to the goodness and faithfulness of Jesus.

Olivia is a gifted writer and speaker who paints pictures with her words and inspires greater devotion to Jesus with her transparency and genuineness as she shares her heart and gets into the Word of God. She has been a part of The Pretty & Wise Collective since its inception in early 2020 and has been a constant voice of encouragement to the team over the past several years. Her sensitivity to God's Spirit and tender heart is unmatched. 

A Little About Me...

I am seriously blessed to be wife to Kevin and mama to Gabriel, Cameron, Jasper and James. I didn't set out to homeschool my wild four but know that God called us home in the most unlikely season of life in order to knit our family together again. And so I've learned real well, in about a million different ways, that #motherhoodissanctifying. Our days can be exceptionally mundane, decidedly insane and completely beautiful and magical, sometimes all in the same day. Life with these four stretches me and challenges me and the Lord uses it ALL, especially my failures and weaknesses. He speaks to me in my monotonous duties and so often the disciplinary statements that fly out of my mouth for my children prick my very own heart. They arouse such childlike faith and wonder in ordinary things that I would have missed otherwise.. and they're just FUN!

Over the past few years, the Lord has awakened such a love and desire in me for His Word. He's healed my heart in many, many gracious ways, filled me with His promises and intimate knowledge of His character and carried me when my soul has been crushed. He's never left me or given up on me, instead proving that His love is steadfast. He's walked with me through the wilderness, has always gone before me and has rewritten my past hurts and trauma time and time again. It is an honor and a privilege to sit with Him at the end of a long, hard day, feeling banged up and like I have nothing left to give, and to delve into His truth. To sit at His feet and pour my heart out to Him, to write and attempt to communicate this astounding gift of relationship and communion with the Lord of heaven and earth.. it is truly a gift.

I'm passionate about sharing what He has taught me and revealed to me in my walk with Him and in the Word. I'm passionate about coming alongside other women, in their walks as wife, mother and disciple, to testify to the goodness and faithfulness of Jesus. To pray for them and encourage them and to hopefully call out WELL the unique gifts and talents He has placed inside of them. He has created and crafted you in His image, with particular giftings and passions, to do the good works He's designed YOU for. The Kingdom needs YOU, your whole heart, to walk in His FREEDOM, to serve one another in love. This is my hope and desire for this place, that we will not hold back. That we will seek Him out in EVERY thing that we do. That together we will gain such vision to see Him at work, even when our circumstances say otherwise. That we will not miss out on the FULLNESS of life with our Savior. I'm still working these things out myself, so friend, it's an honor to walk this out with you!

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