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Prodigal Daughter

There's this image that I just keep seeing in my mind. 

I see a daughter.

Sometimes she is indifferent; calm, collected and unfazed on the surface. Other times she is perceptibly angry, her face hardened and resentful. 

She is always pushing away. 

She will not allow herself to be loved. 

She does not believe she is worthy of love. The hardness of her exterior would lead you to believe that love is the last thing she desires; it may surprise even her to know that love is the thing she needs. 

The sin and brokenness of the world have marked her and she carries her own sin and grief and anguish and regret. Shame overwhelms her and spills out of her, leaving a trail in her wake. 

She leaves, withdrawing as often as possible, content to be alone and away from everyone and everything. She lives isolated, not caring about the distance or circumstance she finds herself in. Her thoughts can be too loud here, the memories in her mind too sharp and the wounds too raw, but this is her lot. 

This is where she belongs. This is where she will stay. 

It happens one day so quickly that she cannot breathe. This life that she has resigned herself to, this life that she has intentionally crafted, comes crashing down as it comes into collision with Love. 

She doesn't know how it is happening or why it is happening, but her guard collapses and her hardness is like a dam ravaged by gushing waves as tears pour forth. 

The shame that has lied to her and consumed her and imprisoned her is utterly destroyed as she hears the Truth: 

I love you. 

I have always loved you.” 

This daughter was blind, always running and pushing away. Now she sees and she cannot help but come forth. 

This daughter believed that she could never be loved. Now she weeps with awe and wonder at the depth of love for her soul.

This daughter could not imagine she was worthy. Now she knows the One who is Worthy who paid the highest price for her life to be saved. 

She is wrecked by amazing grace. She is humbled by Love that loves first. She cannot believe that she is worth so much to someone so Great. 

She stood far off, but Mercy ran her way. 

She cannot fathom being brought in, but here she sits, wearing a ring and a robe, at a table prepared for her. 

This is what her Father longed for, what He desired to give her and what He rejoices now to lavish on her. 

She is His beloved. 

Daughter, I don't know where this finds you today, but if you are like this prodigal daughter, come forth, beloved one. You are greatly loved. If you have a prodigal of your own, rest in the strong love of your Father. Keep this picture in your mind and do not stop believing: He is pursuing always and even now. 

If this has been you, let this pour over you all over again, beloved. What kindness that drew you in. How immediate was your transformation. Remember how utterly lost you were. Stand speechless all over again as you see the King running to you from far off as if it were just yesterday. 

I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness.” (Jeremiah 31:3)

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