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Being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. Philippians 1:6  

It’s interesting how, when I think of transition, there was a time when I know my mind would have envisioned a mama, prone and sweating, working hard to cooperate with her body to go through the necessary stages of bringing forth life.  

In later years, I would have focused upon the transitions of my children from nursing to weaning, diapers to potty training, beginning homeschooling, learning to read. Driving, dating, learning, growing, each with their own struggles, heartaches, challenges, and obstacles to overcome along the way.  Some offered by us, some by God, some just by life.  

In this season transition looks like a nest emptied one little bird at a time, college tuition payments and wedding planning.  Young adults learning to live on their own, make their own decisions, pave their own way as they are led not just by the ones who love them, but by the One that loves them most.  

As a Mama, I look over the last 20 years of transition in my children that have led to transformation.  

Give me just a second as I take off my glasses and wipe my eyes…what a journey we have taken together. 

What a privilege it has been for me to care for these precious ones the Father has entrusted me with. What a challenge it has been for me to learn to transition into being the Mama of young adults who waits to be asked what she thinks rather than offering freely…who looks forward to time that is free to spend together… who is no longer the #1 human in their life….  transition indeed.  

It’s beautiful and painful and difficult and joy-filled and hard.  

I can’t help but wonder as my Heavenly Father looks back over our journey together, His and mine… if He doesn’t experience some of the same in His Father heart.  

We have journeyed together through all the transitions that have transformed me from a fearful, doubting, angry child in a woman’s body to a still-in-process woman of God confident of her Father’s unwavering love, acceptance, and forgiveness.  

Give me just a second as I take off my glasses and wipe my eyes…what a journey we have taken together.  

When I consider my own journey, it’s been more fluid and less defined than those transitions I previously mention.  In fact, the only clearly defined moment I can discern is the one in which I invited Jesus Christ into my life to be my Lord and Savior, my friend and King, my Beloved.  

Every remaining transition has been more of an ebb and flow.  Moments where truth revealed meets with a human heart that sometimes has chosen to bow right away and sometimes has not…. There are those transitions that take longer than others. Regardless of how long each transition has taken there are similarities among them all.  Each transition initiated by my Abba Father has always begun with TRUTH.  

The eyes of my heart being opened to the truth of His Word.  A Holy-Spirit inspired awareness of where the evidence of my life poured out stands in contradiction to His Word of Truth. A first step to take beginning the aligning of my life with His Truth. A leaning on and relying upon His strength rather than my own to assist in the walking out of that step.  

When I am stuck, this is the process that gets me unstuck.  It’s just a matter of my own willingness to yield to the process of transition for the purpose of transformation.  

What I know is this.  Our Heavenly Father never sets us up for failure.  

He is faithful and kind in the way that He has only ever presented truth He knew I was ready to not only hear, but to act on.  He has never called me higher to a place He did not already know that I, through Him in me, could reach.  After all, what kind of a good, good Father would offer expectations to us that  we were not capable  of reaching?   

And although even in this very moment there are transitions taking place to continue to lead to that ultimate transformation of looking, acting and thinking like my Savior, He always sees me, and you, through eyes of faith, love and in hopeful expectation on continuing to become who we were created to be all along.

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