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God is in the Future

Today my younger daughter and I were riding down the road when she said to me, “Mom, God is in the future.” 

I was caught off guard, as I often am when my 5 year old interjects her musings into conversations about her latest creations and her backyard adventures and constant cravings for Mac-n-cheese. But as I thought about what she said, something the Lord has brought to my attention many times lately came to mind. 

I began to talk to her about how amazing it is that God holds our future and so- He’s already gone before us. And if He’s already gone before us, doesn’t that mean that He knows what lies before us? Doesn’t that mean that He knows just what we need right now for then? 

Have you ever been in a season of waiting? Has it ever felt.. well, weird, for lack of a better word? I mean, have you ever felt a bit bewildered by it? 

Maybe you felt confident in the path you were on, confident in what the Lord was calling you to. Maybe you even anticipated how He would move in something you’ve been praying and praying over, earnestly and fervently, certain that you would see His hand move as only He could. 

My goodness, even in the shaking and sifting and pressing and persevering, you were expectant. I mean, just- gaze set forward, standing firm in the Lord, fully vigilant at your post. Always praying, surrendering and searching, trusting Jesus as you followed Him. 

And then.. Jesus, did I miss something? Did I wander off? Take a wrong turn? 

It’s sort of starting to feel a bit like I’m wandering in the desert. I’m seeking after You, I want to follow you, but I even feel kind of aimless. 

Doubt is beginning to cloud my vision, slowly creeping in and crowding out where that wide-eyed anticipation once was. 

Maybe then the whispers come: 

Did I hear Him right? 

Did He really say? 

Did I do something wrong? 

Did He change His mind? 

It’s tempting to head down these rabbit trails, unraveling and sometimes flat out spiraling. 

But beloved- God is in the future! 

He was with you in the beginning and He is with you now as you plod along and He is before you, holding your future in His hands. He knew what your journey would look like and He even knew that you would have moments like this. 

Isn’t there purpose in this? 

Is any of this wasted? 

Yes. Great purpose. 

And no. Not one bit. 

So then- throw off doubt. Let the Lord renew your strength. Let Him renew your vision. Let Him renew your resolve and gracious, girl, let Him light a fire under your expectancy. 

There is good for you here and there is gold for you here. This right here is a gift from the Lord, exactly what you need for where you’re going. 

God is in the future. Keep going. 

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