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My RSVP...

For the last couple of months it seems like we have had never-ending birthday parties for our kids friends and family members. It seems like we have had to RSVP for never-ending weekends for so long now. It is just the season that we are in right now and I am so happy that my children have so many loving friends and family that they have the opportunity to celebrate with.

One Sunday morning as I was inviting the Lord into my day, I had a shift in my thinking, my spirit, honestly I don’t know if it was Holy intervention or just a random thought that shifted my perspective, either way my thinking has changed at that moment. There was nothing truly holy about it. I didn’t hear a booming voice in the sky or see it written in the clouds. It was just a thought.

What if I moved passed inviting Jesus into my mess of a party and accepted HIS invitation. Now before you stop reading, let me explain.

When you receive an invitation to a party and you RSVP yes, it is not typical for you as an invitee to go to the party and re-plan all of the activities and rearrange the decorations and change all of the food, or adjust the guest list etc. etc.

Instead, you go to the party at the stated place and hopefully at the stated time and you participate in all that the host has planned and prepared. You have conversations with people you know and love and others you may have just met. You eat the food the host prepared (in my case, bought) and drink the drinks they have made available. You learn new things, meet new people and love on the ones you are there to celebrate. And unless you were part of the planning process you have little control over the things listed above.

So why do we try to plan our day and then send out an invitation for the God of the universe to RSVP to?

What if instead of me inviting God into my daily life and all that I do day in and day out, I accept His invitation and follow His plans for that day and get to see what He wants to do.

I am not saying that it is wrong to invite God into our everyday lives. Not at all, please do, He longs to be a part of every aspect of our lives. AND, what if there was, what if there is, something deeper. Instead of saying Holy Spirit this is my plan for the day lets squeeze you into all of that, what if we knock on the door of the presence of God and say I have RSVP’d yes and I’m here for todays party. LOL

I know how cheesy that sounds believe me. But what if we need a little cheese in our lives? Jesus said to come as little children right?

So here it is,

I have begun to shift my prayer focus from “Lord I invite you in” to “Holy Spirit I accept Your invitation” and wait to see what happens. To be honest I don’t know that anything crazy spiritual will happen, but what if it does? I am still on this journey just like you, and I know that no matter how much of my Lord is revealed and how much happens in our lives there is still more that He has for us all. My question for you is will you seek it with me?

What is your RSVP?

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